Your Questimate! Twitter and Facebook contest

To celebrate the launch of our new game Questimate! we’re hosting regular contests on Twitter and Facebook. Tune in every day at 3:30pm Pacific Time to play!

Friday, August 9
Q: If Japan only had 100 people, how many Facebook users would there be in the country?
A: Japan has a population of 127,253,000. There are 17,196,080 Facebook users in Japan. 17,196,080 FB Users / 127,253,000 People x 100 People = 13.5 Facebook users.

Thursday, August 8
Q: How many Italys would be as large as the United States?
A: Italy has an area of 301,338 square kilometers. The US has an area of 9,826,675 square kilometers. 9,826,675/301,338 = 32.6 Italys.

Wednesday, August 7
Q: How many United Kingdoms would be as large as China?
A: The United Kingdom has an area of 243,610 squared kilometers. China has an area of 9,596,961 squared kilometers. 9,596,961/243,610 = 39.4 United Kingdoms!

Tuesday, August 6
Q: How many Sydney Opera Houses would be as tall as the Burj Khalifa?
A: The Sydney Opera House is 65 meters tall. The Burj Khalifa is 829.8 meters tall. 829.8/65 = 12.8 Sydney Opera Houses.

Monday, August 5
Q: If the Netherlands only had 100 people, how many televisions would there be in the country?
A: There are 16,805,000 people in the Netherlands. There are 8,100,000 televisions in the Netherlands. 8,100,000 television x 100 people / 16,805,000 people = 48.2 Televisions

Friday, August 2
Q: If China only had 100 people, how many cell phones would there be in China?
A: There are 1.350 Billion people in China. There are 986.3 million cell phones in China. So there would be 986.3 Million Cell Phones x 100 People / 1.350 Billion People = 73.1 Cell Phones

Thursday, August 1
Q: How many roadrunners would be as heavy as a brown bear?
A: A roadrunner weighs on average 0.5 kilograms. A brown bear weighs on average 620 kilograms. 620/0.5 = 1240 roadrunners!

Wednesday,  July 31
Q: How many giraffes would be as tall as the Statue of Liberty?
A: A giraffe is on average 6 meters tall. The Statue of Liberty is 46 meters tall. 46/6 = 7.7 Giraffes!

Tuesday, July 30
Q: How many eggs would be as heavy as a watermelon?
A: An egg on average weighs 57 grams, or 0.057 kilograms. A watermelon on average weighs 6.8 kilograms. 6.8/0.057 = 119.3 eggs!

Monday, July 29
Q: How far would an ant travel in a week at average speed?
A: An ant travels on average at 300 meters/hour, or 0.186 mph. A week consists of 168 hours. 0.186 x 168 = 31.3 Miles in a week.

Thursday, July 25
Q: How long would it take an escalator to travel 100 feet?
A: An escalator travels on average 55 meters/minute, or 3.00 feet/second. 100/3.00 = 33.3 seconds.

Wednesday, July 24
Q: How many jelly beans would be as tall as a basketball hoop?
A: A jelly bean is 2 cm tall or 0.02 m tall. A basketball hoop is 10 feet tall, or 3.048 m tall. 3.048/0.02 = 152.4 jelly beans.

Tuesday, July 23
Q: How long would it take a human sneeze to travel 100 feet at average speed?
A: A human sneeze travels on average 4.5 m/s, or 14.8 ft/s. 100/14.8 = 6.77 seconds.

Monday, July 22
Q: How many new iPads would weigh as much as an elephant?
A: The latest iPad weighs 1.44 pounds. An elephant on average weighs 15,600 pounds. 15600/1.44 = 10,833 iPads.

Friday, July 19
Q: How long would it take a messenger pigeon to travel from New York City to Paris at top speed?
A: A messenger pigeon travels at 30 miles per hour on average. The distance between New York City and Paris is 3635 miles. 3635/30 = 121.2 hours, or 5.05 days.

Thursday, July 18
Q: How many average humans would be as tall as the Empire State Building?
A: A human is 1.524 m tall. The Empire State Building is 1454 ft, or 443.2 m. 443.2/1.524 = 290.8 humans.

Wednesday, July 17
Q: How many human skin cells would be as long as an ant?
A: A human skin cell is 30 micrometers long, or 0.000030 meters. An average ant is 5 millimeters long, or .005 meters. 0.005/0.00003 = 167 human skin cells.

Tuesday, July 16
Q: How many dimes would be as heavy as a blue whale?
A: A dime weighs 2.268 grams. A blue whale weighs 181437 kilograms, or 181437000 grams. 181,437,000/2.268 = 79,998,687 dimes, or around 80 Million Dimes.

Monday, July 15
Q: How long does it take a fingernail to grow 2 inches?
A: The average fingernail grows 3.7 millimeters per month, or .146 inches. So to grow 2 inches it would take  2 /.146 = 13.7 months! Over a year. Good luck to anyone who wishes to try.

Sunday, July 14
Q: How many jelly beans would be as long as a T-Rex?
A: The average jelly bean is 2 cm long, and the average T-Rex is (sorry, apologies, was) 12.3 m long, or 1230 cm — they’re a bit smaller than you might expect. 1230/2 = 615 jelly beans.

Saturday, July 13
Q: How long would it take a snail to travel the length of a blue whale?
A: A snail moves approximately 1 millimeter per second. An average blue whale is 29 meters, or 29,000 millimeters, long. So it would take a snail about 29,000 seconds, which is equal to 483 minutes, or 8 hours.

Friday, July 12
Q: How many world’s tallest trees would be as tall as the Eiffel Tower?
A: The Eiffel Tower (for 41 years the tallest man-made structure) is 320m. The world’s tallest tree, a redwood in Redwood National Park, California, nicknamed “Hyperion”, is 116m.
The answer = 320/116 = 2.8