Motion Math's visual, adaptive games help students master the most challenging K-6 standards. Based on growth mindset research, Motion Math builds math fluency, conceptual understanding, and a love of challenge.
  • An innovative learning model that playfully teaches the conceptual foundations of math with interactive visuals
  • Aligned with content standards for easy integration into your lesson plan
  • Students work independently at their own pace
  • Reinforces direct instruction with contextual problem solving
  • Measures student factors of learning such as growth mindset
"A wonderful resource that shows students the visual and creative nature of math."
-- Jo Boaler, Professor of Mathematics Education, Stanford Graduate School of Education, Motion Math advisor
  • Adaptive without any pre-testing or guesswork
  • Scaffolded support that encourages persistence
  • Helps bring Math Intervention up to par with Reading Intervention
  • Highly engaging and interactive – student effort creates reliable measures
  • Most games require little to no reading
  • Dashboard monitors progress
"Highly engaging...the data is reliable because students are invested and focused."
-- Sarah Fritzke, Response to Intervention math teacher, Jordan Elementary
  • Intuitive, tangible interaction removes barriers to understanding
  • Graphics don't feel too young for older students
  • Physical gameplay connects muscle memory to content
  • Adaptive without any pre-testing or guesswork
  • Most games require little to no reading
  • Challenging without a sense of failure
"Fantastic. Structured so you don't really need to make modifications. Many of my learners play independently, because it's easy to learn and uses prompts when necessary."
-- Sam Blanco, MSEd, BCBA, ABA Therapist & Supervisor
  • Engaging and playful
  • Easy teacher management
  • Instructional support embedded in game play
  • Self-paced and independent, excellent for multi-grade K-6 programs
"To hear 'Yes! I got it!' is so rewarding. You don't hear that when they take a test."
-- Helen Bruno-Raccuia, 4th grade teacher, P.S. 30 Westerleigh
  • Demonstrate problem solving strategies
  • Collaborate and discuss strategy in small groups or pairs
  • Effective way to show math's application to real world
"Students were engaged in conversations at every table...this is definitely not drill and kill."
-- Debbie Smith, Education Technologist, Eanes ISD
  • Self-paced gameplay for independent learners
  • Adaptivity allows advanced learners to progress quickly
  • Advanced levels encourage a healthy attitude towards challenge
"My students love Motion Math. They love that they have many games to choose from, and that the games get harder as they play."
-- Ashley Rollins, 4th grade teacher, Bridge Point Elementary
  • Highly visual form of instruction
  • Most games require little or no reading, even at high levels of complexity
  • Independent and self-paced
"I've seen kids who've struggled for years suddenly understand how the whole number system works."
-- Michelle Martin, 4th/5th grade teacher
How It Works

Students simply enter an access code for immediate access to over 900 levels of adaptive content on the web or via our iPad apps.

Teachers and admins sign into our dashboard to track student usage, mastery, and factors of learning such as growth mindset.

Read more about our recent collaboration with Jo Boaler on growth mindset here.
Play is Powerful
Teach math concepts to delighted students with our deep games - over 400 levels!
Master the toughest K-6 concepts
All games are aligned with rigorous content standards
Zoom Number line
Bounce Fractions, decimals, percents
Cupcake Word problems, coordinates, economics
Match Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division
Pizza Economics, mental math, proportions
Hungry Guppy Numbers, basic addition
Hungry Fish Addition, subtraction, negatives
More games coming soon!
Awards & Accolades
ON for Learning Award
- Common Sense Media
Best App for Teaching and Learning
- American Association of School Librarians
Gold Medal Winner
- Serious Play Awards
Proven to improve math scores
"After one week of play, 15% improvement in fractions estimation; 10% improvement in math attitudes"
- peer-reviewed, published efficacy study by
USC Prof. Michelle Riconscente
Read the Study