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Woo-hoo – we’ve raised seed funding! Now hiring…

We are excited and honored to announce that Motion Math has raised an initial round of seed capital from a world-class group of investors: Mitch Kapor, Mike Wood, Dave McClure and Enrique Allen at 500 Startups, Reece Duca, Nancy Blachman, Dorothy Price Hill, Chris Yeh, and David W. Phillips. We’re also supported by a grant from the Noyce Foundation. This funding is going to allow us to zoom ahead on creating a full suite of innovative learning games, pushing the boundary of what’s possible on new mobile devices. It also means we’re hiring! If you know talented engineers who want to inspire, delight, and educate children around the world – please send them to our careers page.

Now, credit where it’s due. We’ve been very fortunate throughout the first year of this venture to have so many talented people helping us, beginning with Shelley Goldman’s Technologies for Casual Learning Class at the Stanford School of Education where we first explored mobile devices as learning tools. Also, thanks to Neema Morajevi, Steve Marmon, and Troy Brant for their roles in supporting this awesome class, and to Amrita Thankur our original project partner. At the Stanford, Scott Doorley and Dave Baggeroer’s class opened our eyes to the enormous design space ahead of us. Throughout the year we learned much from our classmates in the Learning Design Technology Master’s program and from many teachers, including Shelley, Roy Pea, Ray McDermott, Deborah Stipek, Denise Pope, Ann Porteus, and Karin Forssell, who grounded us in the best learning literature and in the history of educational technology – the successes and the flops.

We had an early vote of confidence from the Cooney Center, who made us a finalist for their Innovations in Mobile Learning Prize; they’ve been a valuable source of advice and introductions ever since. We were then inspired by meeting a community of learning technology legends at the Dust or Magic AppCamp. We also greatly benefited from participating the inaugural class of SSE Labs, which granted us office space, expert advice, and introductions to mentors such as Supreet Oberoi, Ben Choi, Radhika Shah, our company advisor Jay Borenstein, and our fearsome lawyer Joseph Perkins at Orrick. Thanks to Ignacio Schiefelbein for our stellar graphics.  We greatly improved our company and product vision during the Startl Mobile Design Boost back in November – Startl has created a fantastic network for educational entrepreneurs, and we’re glad to be a part of it. Ditto for SIIA, who spotlighted us at their EdTech Business Forum. Finally, the guys at AngelList connected us to new investors and have demystified much of the entrepreneurial process with the invaluable Venture Hacks.

Many thanks to all our customers and colleagues for your support during the first phase of Motion Math. Now we return to working with our most important mentors and most honest critics – the kids!

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  1. congrats guys… very happy to be on board, helping kids learn math! more numeric fun to come 🙂

  2. Thanks Dave! We’re happy to be a fraction of the 500.

  3. Congratulations! Well done. Mar

  4. Congrats Jacob! I knew your guys would make it. Now go out there and bring up those math scores!

    (from SIE)

  5. Congratulations guys. Looking forward to seeing how many kids can benefit from this technology.

  6. Congratulations. There are millions of children worldwide that will benefit from your product. Keep it up guys.

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