Motion Math: Fractions!

This delightful game helps kids (ages 8 and up) master placing fractions on the number line, in four forms: numerator over denominator (1/2), percents (50%), decimals (.5), and pie charts. In the first controlled study of an iPad learning game, kids who played Motion Math: Fractions for 5 days:
• Improved 15% in test scores.
• Improved 10% in math attitudes.

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Motion Math game: decimal on moom

Concepts Reinforced
• Fractions, Decimals, Percents
• Estimation

Common Core Standards
• 3.NF.2, 3.NF.3
• 4.NF.2, 4.NF.3a, 4.NF.3b, 4.NF.6

“Gold Medal” – Serious Play Awards

“Dynamic…you move your way toward a better understanding of numerical relationships, one bounce at a time.” Children’s Technology Review Editor’s Choice Award for Excellence in Design – 4.5 Stars

“Kids do better with fractions if they can develop a visceral understanding of them.” – The Wall Street Journal Tech Blog

“The execution is phenomenally entertaining and challenging…educationally stunning.” – iSource

Learning Goals
• Master estimation of fractions, percents, decimals and pie charts
• Locate the many representations of fractions on a given number line
• Build automaticity in comparing fractions

Math Pillar
Number sense is critical for all other math topics; fractions mastery is connected to multiple Common Core Standards in grades 3-5.

Key Product Features
• Intuitive, tilt gameplay
• Progress stars, sound and star effects, and exclamations (“Yes!” “Perfect!”) reward a player for solving problems
• Beginner, medium, and expert modes for different learners
• Game Center leaderboards and achievements offer additional challenges
• Hints and scaffolding help struggling players

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