Free Pilot Program for Educators

Exciting news: if you give us regular feedback, you can pilot the full Motion Math: Educator game suite and dashboard for free this school year! Sign up here.

In September, our team released the Motion Math: Educator, which bundles all of our games into one iPad app and provides a dashboard for teachers to monitor student progress based on gameplay. We are excited to announce that we are now offering free pilots of the Educator at the classroom, school, and district level, in exchange for regular feedback from educators who join the pilot program.

To date, we have over 3 million downloads of our games, and we consistently hear glowing feedback from educators, parents, thought leaders, and kids themselves. However, we realize that it can take time and internal proof points for educators to secure funding for new software. Our pilot program seeks to remove cost from the equation for the 2014 – 2015 school year to help get our games in front of students and develop these proof points.

What do we mean by feedback? We mean roughly one call per week for 10 minutes, or longer less frequent meetings, or the occasional written survey, based on what works best logistically for each teacher. During these calls and surveys, we hope to learn how teachers are using Motion Math in their classrooms, share best practices, and process feature requests to continue building products that teachers and students love.

We are excited for the Educator to serve as a valuable resource for teachers and their students in as many classrooms as possible. Please click here to become a pilot teacher, and spread the word far and wide by sharing this post!

Note: The free pilot only goes through this school year so we recommend starting soon to maximize the impact our games can have on your students.