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Motion Math: Cupcake! Edu and our Classroom Cupcake Contest

Motion Math Cupcake

Today we’ve released the classroom version of our new game: Motion Math: Cupcake! Edu. Students create their own cupcake delivery business, learning about the coordinate system, unit rates, pricing, and diverse word problems. (More details on the game and relevant standards here.) Plus, Cupcake! Edu connects to your Motion Math teacher dashboard so you can use it as a formative assessment tool. To play Cupcake for free in your classroom:

  1. Sign up for a free Motion Math Educator trial account.
  2. Download the free Motion Math: Cupcake! Edu app onto your classroom iPads.

We’re also excited to announce our Classroom Cupcake Contest! Winning classrooms will receive:

To participate, first play Motion Math: Cupcake! Edu in your classroom. Then, by May 15th, submit your contest entry to us via email, tweet, video, blog post, or our contact form. You can enter one or two or all three of the contest categories:

a. The Design Category. Students should write up ways to make Cupcake an even better math tool. Currently the game has over 50 different ways to order cupcakes; can your class suggest new ones? Are there other ways to interact with Cupcake‘s coordinate system city? Other ways to compare vendors? The best suggestions may become a part of Cupcake‘s next update!

b. The Creativity Category. Did your students act out Cupcake in a real life re-enactment? Or create some crazy-looking cupcakes with hilarious names? Or draw some cupcake-inspired art? Anything goes in this category.

c. The High Scores Category. We’ll average all the final scores from your classroom; the highest average wins. Note that you need at least 15 participating students to qualify for this category, and players get a final score after 40 delivery days; it takes at least an hour of gameplay to reach the end. We’ve heard some great math discussions about how to optimize profit in this game.

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