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Fixing a bug

Thanks to our customers that have told us about the bug that crashes the game after level 3. We’ve submitted a fix; look for an update in the coming days that’ll let you play all the way to level 24.

Some background for those who are interested in the software details: We believe in test-driven development, so the first thing we did when we found out about this bug was to try to reproduce it on our iDevices.  The bug is the result of an level 4 background image not being loaded onto your device.  To test, we took our codebase and removed all background images.  You can imagine our surprise when the images loaded just fine.  We tried deleting the app, then reinstalling, and the images were still there.  Even after we deleted the app and restarted the device, the images were still there!  We realized that this bug did not surface in our pre-release testing due to image caching behavior on development devices.  Although we test our game thoroughly before we send it to customers, this bug was particularly hard to catch because the image caching behavior for test devices is different than that of production devices.  In the future, we will be completely wiping the memories of an iPad and iPod Touch to catch this kind of bug.

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