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Our new app for iPad and iPhone

We’ve just released a new app version of our games for iPad and iPhone. The app is free and it works for existing subscribers, and you can start a subscription (with free trial) within the app. The app includes updates to many of our games and a lot more content – Zoom has gone from 48 to 84 levels, Hungry Fish from 54 to 72, and Fractions (now called Bounce) from 3 to 164 – download it now.

In addition to adding more content, we’ve made our game levels more granular and added other crucial improvements. Zoom now has more randomization, more “fake outs,” and many more integer levels for lower elementary students:

In Hungry Fish, we’ve added the ability to play with no time pressure, and made the level labels more explicit about what number the fish is trying to eat:

And in Bounce (formerly called Fractions), we’ve added a fun monkey character, integer levels for younger grades, and much more granular levels, so you can focus, for example, just on decimals:
Bounce Level Categories

Bounce Level Menu

Bounce Level 0-20

Get it today for your iPad or iPhone!

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