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Content filtering for a better Motion Math experience

We’ve just released an update to the Motion Math experience that we’re confident will help learners stay focused on relevant levels while maintaining the open choice that makes our suite so engaging for students. Certain games will now only be available to students in appropriate grade levels:
Available games

Note that we determine the grade of a student by the grade of the roster they’re in, a setting which is not visible to students. In addition, specific levels available to each student will vary depending on grade. For example, a Kindergartener playing Match will be able to choose from Numbers, Basic Addition, or Subtraction categories, while a 4th grader will be able to choose from the Subtraction, Addition, and Multiplication categories:

Available levels

Our plan is to evolve these rules based on each student’s performance in order to better differentiate, but we’re confident this initial content filtering will maintain student choice while removing levels that are for the most part not appropriately challenging. Note that students also have a choice within Match, Hungry Fish, and Zoom as to the time pressure of each level – “No Rush,” “Think Fast,” etc. Also, as part of this update, we will no longer display specific games to turn off within your Settings page.

One other change we’ve introduced is a content reveal schedule in order to encourage students to explore the entire suite. Students logging into Motion Math will not see all of the games at first, but will gain access to more games over time; after five days of playing the suite, they’ll have access to all games.

We look forward to your feedback about these changes – please comment below or email with your input.



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