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Want More Fun Math Games? Look Here!

“What is best about the best games is that they draw kids into some very hard learning.” – Dr. Seymour Papert, Inventor of LOGO

We’re never too old (or young!) for fun math games! We’ve pulled together two games (including those we can play on browsers) to share with you, basing our recommendations on the following:

  1. Challenging experiences that facilitate learning
  2. Players can interact with math directly
  3. Game design is grounded in research

JiJi, from MIND Research Institute
MIND Research Institute offers demos of Upright JiJi and JiJi Cycle online. These browser-based flash games challenges players to flex their estimation skills with a spatial, temporal approach to math. In Upright JiJi, players are challenged to move JiJi and match orientation, teaching students about x and y axes. JiJi Cycle asks players to estimate the distance between JiJi and its balloon ride. What’s the reward if you estimate within the ballpark? A balloon ride for JiJi! (Click for more detail about the curriculum in ST Math)

Both Upright JiJi and JiJi Cycle include:


If you like JiJi Cycle, try Motion Math: Hungry Fish, our game for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, which challenges learners to find the different ways to create sums and differences. The game uses the metaphor of bringing two objects together to visualize  addition. You simply create sums (addition) and differences (subtraction) by bringing together two numbers with the pinch gesture. This feeds the Hungry Fish:

Want more? Prof. Keith Devlin, NPR’s The Math Guy, has an interesting post about designing video games to support math learning.

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  1. One more issue is that video games usually are serious anyway with the key focus on mastering rather than entertainment. Although, there’s an entertainment part to keep children engaged, each and every game is normally designed to develop a specific skill set or program, such as math or technology. Thanks for your article.

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