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How can a six-year-old remember a password?

Traditional passwords – gibberish collections of letters, number, symbols – are notoriously difficult to remember, as depicted in a memorable XKCD. At Motion Math we like using LastPass for all our company passwords, but it certainly wouldn’t work for a classroom setting. Every elementary teacher has had precious instructional time taken away because students couldn’t start a digital learning activity because of a forgotten password. One frustrated teacher we know even made every student’s password the same – which completely negates the purpose!

So we’ve created a visual password system that we’re excited to roll out to all our classroom users. Now, students can keep their progress and game rewards across multiple devices. We encourage you to update your Motion Math apps to get the full benefit of these new features.

Instead of having to remember numbers or letters, students create a three-image password, such as:


The built-in training encourages students to think of a silly sentence to connect these three pictures, which makes the imagery even easier to remember. If students do forget, there’s an area for teachers to view or reset passwords (in the “Roster” tab).

We’ve tested this password system with all ages of elementary students, so we think it makes sense for just about everyone to use (unless you don’t have any wireless access in your classroom). However, if you prefer not to use visual passwords, you can turn the feature off in your “Settings” tab. As always, please let us know if you have any questions or feedback.

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