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Summer Fun with Four Math Concepts

Enjoy these math activities with the whole family – they include variations for older and younger players so everyone gets appropriately challenged. These activities span several core number sense concepts and can help kids stay sharp over the summer.


Addition Games

Click here for the games’ rules and variations, including:

• Go Fish with an Addition Twist!
• Addition War
• Pyramid, from blog reader Kate Nonesuch
Image by balladist.


Play with Place Value

Click here to get the following math activities:

• Knock, knock: Create the biggest numbers you can
• Place value hangman: a math twist to this classic drawing game
• Motion Math Zoom: play with the most interactive number line ever


Image by picken.


Mental Multiplication Activities

Click here for fun, challenging multiplication games:

• What’s My Factor? A three player card game
• Multiplication Battleship: A two player board game
• Motion Math: Wings, our flying multiplication game for ages 4 to 44


Image by cristic.


Jar of coins for math activities

Estimation Activities

Click here to get the following activities for your family:

• How many coins…
• How many flowers…
• Fun estimation questions




Image by richardland.


Which of these activities are you looking forward to most? Tell us in the comments!

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