Questimate! The game where *you* make the questions.

How many giraffes would be as tall as Mt. Everest?
How fast is the world’s fastest train?
How many jelly beans would fill up a soccer ball?
In what year was the cell phone invented?

Questimate! (for iPad and iPad mini) has thousands of fascinating questions for you to create, estimate, and share. Fun and challenging for the whole family.

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• Ages 9+
• For iPad & iPad mini
• Play solo or socially
• Free to play
• Additional content available for purchase

Key Product Features
• Choose what you want to explore – you make your own questions.
• Explore a variety of estimation quests – Amazing Animals, Need for Speed, Intro, and the History of Awesome, with more coming soon!
• Play Solo or with friends and family – Pass & Play and Game Center modes.
• Unlock treasures – you’ll win hints and power-ups to help you in your quest…and mess up your opponent!

Learning Goals
• Questimate! will encourage curiosity about magnitudes and comparisons; it will help players find wonder and whimsy in the numerical structure of the world.
• Players will be empowered to formulate interesting questions (even if they don’t know the answer) and then progress towards understanding. Digging deeper is part of the fun.
• Players will learn to make ballpark numerical estimates quickly and with reasonable accuracy.
• Questimate! will encourage friendly social competition.
• Questimate! will apply to Common Core math standards on measurement, units, and orders of magnitude, such as 2.MD.3, 2.MD.8, 3.MD.2, 3.MD.6, 4.MD.2, 5.MD.4, 6.RP.3c, 6.RP.3d

5/5. Awesome for developing and fostering curiosity.Mobile iEducator
A beautifully-designed tool that encourages learning basic mathematical and scientific principles of predict and prove. – GeekDad
A great way to get your kids thinking about math in a playful way.Apps Playground
Editor’s Choice AwardChildren’s Technology Review
Allows students to think proportionally in fun and dynamic ways; I highly recommend it as a way to bring a fresh perspective to any middle school math class. – Kellie Mullin, 6th grade teacher
Makes an EXCELLENT family game.Smart Apps For Kids
I’ve never seen a game like this and my son and I had a blast playing and creating our own questions.Super Mommy
Incredibly entertaining…helps students develop the increasingly important skill of estimation.AppoLearning
A barrel of fun for older children and young-at-heart adults.TUAW
Lets you design fascinating estimation questions to stump the whole family.USA Today
Math Teachers, rejoice! – The iPod Teacher
Actually Makes Math Fun – 7×7
A fun opportunity for family bonding time…a very unique idea. – Famigo
A remarkable math game that puts kids in charge…a major winner for engaging kids in the art of estimation. – Graphite
One of the more clever math-tastic apps we’ve ever seen. – Out with the Kids
Out-of-this-world, superbly designed and executed…the perfect complement to developing estimation and approximation skills. – iSource
Quite Possibly the Coolest Math iPad App. – Maths Insider
Remarkably unique – Common Sense Media
Family Choice Award Winner! – Family Choice Awards

How to Play: 1. Make a Question
Questimate! Make your question!

2. Estimate!
Questimate! Step 2 - estimate!

3. Who’s closer?
Questimate! Step 3 - Find out the answer!
4. Really?! Explore the answer or go to the web source
Questimate! Really? Explore the answer

Different kinds of estimation including visual pincher
Questimate! Visual pinching

Play diverse quests and vote on what we should add next
Questimate! Diverse quests to play
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