Questimate!…the reviews are in

Have you played our new estimation game Questimate?!?! (You can download it for free at

It’s the first game ever where players create their own questions, questions about all sorts of diverse comparisons and quantities, for example:
Make your question!
(You can read more about the game’s learning goals here.)

Try it out and see if you agree with the critics!
95/100 &#8212 AppoLearning
5/5. Awesome for developing and fostering curiosity &#8212 Mobile iEducator
A great way to get your kids thinking about math in a playful way &#8212 Apps Playground
Allows students to think proportionally in fun and dynamic ways; I highly recommend it as a way to bring a fresh perspective to any middle school math class. &#8212 Kellie Mullin, 6th grade teacher
Makes an EXCELLENT family game &#8212 Smart Apps For Kids
I’ve never seen a game like this and my son and I had a blast playing and creating our own questions. &#8212 Super Mommy
An incredibly entertaining educational app that helps students develop the increasingly important skill of estimation. &#8212 AppoLearning
A barrel of fun for older children and young-at-heart adults  &#8212 TUAW
Lets you design fascinating estimation questions to stump the whole family.  &#8212 USA Today
Math Teachers, rejoice!  &#8212 The iPod Teacher
Actually Makes Math Fun  &#8212 7×7
A fun opportunity for family bonding time…a very unique idea  &#8212 Famigo