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One Million iOS App Downloads and What’s Next

We’re excited to share that parents and teachers have downloaded our math games more than one million times – a milestone we hit thanks to your support! Half of those downloads have come in the last four months and all four of our apps have reached Top 10 or Top 5 recognition in Apple’s App Store Education Category.

Our fraction game, Motion Math HD, was the subject of the first ever experiment on an iPad app, with research showing a 15% improvement in fractions estimation and a 10% improvement in math attitudes. Our latest game, Motion Math: Wings, features six different visual forms of multiplication, helping learners build their understanding of the concept.

A New Preschool Adding Game for Kids

We’re also excited to share a sneak peak of our first game for preschoolers, Motion Math: Hungry Guppy, the prequel to Motion Math: Hungry Fish, which challenges players find the many ways to create a specific sum, using the touchscreen to pinch two numbers together and instantly add them. Motion Math: Hungry Guppy has the same engaging gameplay, but uses a mix of dots and numbers to allow kids as young as two to learn their numbers and basic addition.

We’re excited to meet the learning needs of families with young children. By starting with dot visuals and slowly introducing numbers, Hungry Guppy helps preschoolers build an intuitive sense for addition.

We’ll make Motion Math: Hungry Guppy available for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch later this summer. Both Motion Math: Wings and Motion Math: Hungry Fish are available now as free downloads on the App Store.

Thanks to The Unofficial Apple Weblog for sharing the news.


5 Responses to “One Million iOS App Downloads and What’s Next”

  1. I like the dots on the Hungry Guppy game! Using visual patterns like this really helps young students build on that number sense. If a child struggles with this, it could help to be an early indicator of difficulties in math. The earlier we discover this, the better we can help the student. These games are fantastic learning tools! As a resource teacher, I deal with so many different learning styles. Keep up this great work!

  2. Hi Roberta! Thanks for stopping by and for your encouragement. We’re curious – which of our games are you using in the classroom?

  3. Thanks for these valuable contributions to the world of math education. I will be starting a PhD program this fall and I plan to focus my research on the effectiveness of mobile applications on improving number sense in elemenatary and middle school students. Your work seems to be the cutting edge of applying mobile capabilites for math education. Keep up the good work! I see a new era of math education.

  4. Hi Chad! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. 🙂

    We’re curious – where will you be heading for your PhD and what influenced your interest in the efficacy of mobile apps for improving number sense in K-8?

  5. I’ll be headed to Michigan Tech. After twelve years of elementary classroom teaching and trying numerous forms of math software (mostly poorly designed and not engaging), I plan to develop a usability index for moblile platform math apps. Keep up the work so I can have more positive examples to reference.

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