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Motion Math wins Startl Jury Prize

We were very fortunate to recently participate in the Startl Mobile Design Boost, a four-day frenzy of design prototyping, user-testing, and business plan refinement at the SF TechShop. We learned much from the three Startl Founders Phoenix Wang, Diana Rhoten, and Laurie Racine, design experts from IDEO, and the nine other teams, who are all focusing (in wildly diverse ways) on how to leverage mobile technology for education. One insight: parents don’t necessarily have the time or knowledge to know exactly which math concepts their child needs to more fully understand. It’s our job as designers to create an experience that finds out, through gameplay, what a learner needs.

On Sunday we presented our vision for the future of math learning to a great crowd, and were honored to win the Expert Jury Prize – solid validation for where we’re headed as a company. Thanks much to Startl and to all our fellow teams!

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