Motion Math: Hungry Guppy

Feed your guppy and play with numbers! Motion Math: Hungry Guppy is easy to play – simply drag bubbles together to add them, then feed the dots to your fish. Hungry Guppy encourages learners to build a strong sense of addition and understand what numbers represent – for example, “●●●” and “3” have the same meaning. There’s 15 levels of gameplay for 3-year-olds to 7-year-olds and bonuses to customize your fish with new colors. Try it now:


Concepts Reinforced
• Mental addition
• Estimation

Common Core Standards
• K.CC.2., K.CC.4., K.CC.6-7., K.OA.1-5.
• 1.OA.2., 1.OA.7-8.
• 2.OA.2.

“I have yet to see anything this clearly focused for young children…A wonderful early learning math app that young children will not only enjoy but reap many benefits from as they play.” – Carolina Nugent, Education Director, KinderTown

Learning Goals
• In the Dots levels, young children who don’t yet know number symbols can practice addition. They’ll learn, for example, that ● + ●● makes ●●●.
• In the Mixed levels, kids will learn number symbols. For example, ●●● and 3 have the same meaning, even if the dots are in a different alignment or in funny colors.
• In the Numbers levels, learners can practice adding numbers up to 5, seeing the many different ways to make a sum.

Motion Math Hungry Guppy - a mix of dots and numbers
Math Pillar
• Number sense is critical for all other math topics.
• Fluid mental arithmetic is explicitly part of the Common Core Standard’s “Number and Operations in Base Ten” domain in grades K – 2.

Key Product Features
• Instant addition: the metaphor of bringing elements together helps learners master the concept of addition
• 15 levels that turn screen time into learning time for kids ages 3 – 7
• Beautiful graphics and fun music
• Fun rewards: unlock new colors to customize your guppy

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