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More ways to Match – new levels!

Hello Motion Math Educators!

We hope your school year is off to a great start. We’ve been working hard to improve the Motion Math experience for administrators, teachers, and of course, students. One of the new developments that we are most excited about is reboot of Match, our game about equality and working memory in which players try to find equal tiles.

Most importantly, we’ve expanded the number of representations in Match from two to ten. Working with multiple representations can help students build a visual and fluid understanding of quantity and of operations, so we think these additions significantly improve the game’s educational potential.


The game now has seven content areas. We completely remade all 160 existing levels for Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division and also added three new level types with an additional 120 levels. The new level types are:

  • Numbers. Perfect for pre-K through 2nd grade students, these levels challenge students to match tiles featuring dice, numbers, dominoes, ten frames, and words, as shown below. Beginner levels use numbers from 1 up to 8; Medium to 10; Advanced to 15, and Expert to 20.


  • Basic Addition. A stepping stone between Numbers and Addition, these levels add simple expressions such as “3 + 2”.
  • Visual Multiplication. These levels use two-part expressions (both vertical and horizontal), “groups of” visual phrases, words, labeled grids, and three-part expressions, as shown below. The Expert level can get quite challenging, even for teachers!


In addition to adding new content, we also simplified the way the game indicates progress. When a player makes a match, flowers light up along the bottom of the screen light until they’re all lit up and the level is won. These new levels and enhancements are available exclusively on the latest version of Motion Math: Educator app, so be sure to update your apps as soon as possible.

Many of the improvements we made to Match were suggestions from our all-star teachers, so please keep the comments coming. We’re always looking for new ways to enhance our games!

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