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Focus on one app with “Guided Access”

The new iOS 6 was released today, and there’s one new feature that parents and teachers will like in particular: Guided Access. Guided Access allows you to temporarily disable the home button and certain parts of the iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch screen. So you can set up your child with a fun Motion Math game, for example, without worrying that they’ll go on YouTube or go call one of your phone contacts.

Here’s a video explaining how to use the feature:

3 Responses to “Focus on one app with “Guided Access””

  1. I didn’t know that about iOS6. I can see a lot of uses for a disabled home button in my classes.


  2. Wow! I have over 20 education apps, and I didn’t even know this existed. Is Guided Access programmed into the app? or is it simply done in all iOS settings?

  3. Yes, it’s a new features for iOS 6, and it’s built into iOS. App developers don’t have to integrate it.

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