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Call for Submissions – Math Blog Carnival!

This month, Motion Math is hosting the Math Teachers at Play (MTaP) blog carnival – a monthly collection of tips, tidbits, games, and activities for students and teachers of preschool through pre-college mathematics.

Not just for “math teachers”!

Parents, students, teachers, homeschoolers, and just plain folks – feel free to send me a submission or take a look at the posts I’ll include for this month’s carnival. If you like to learn new things and play around with ideas, you are sure to find something of interest.

Submissions are due THIS FRIDAY (8/10) – leave a comment with a link to the post you want to submit. We reserve the right to moderate out any spam submissions 🙂

We’ll publish MTaP next Friday, 8/17, so come back to see what others are blogging about!

8 Responses to “Call for Submissions – Math Blog Carnival!”

  1. Great games for elementary students. I used lemonade stand for lessons of economics as well as graphing commodity prices, relationship between demand and price. Just google lemonade stand lessons and you’ll find tons.

  2. Great video resource for review. I encourage my teachers to use these videos to flip their classrooms. They watch the video for homework and the students work on problems in the classroom where the teacher (the expert) can assist and/or validate their learning.

  3. Tons of resources from skill and drill, worksheet generators, interactive math. Provides immediate feedback activities to accelerate learning.

  4. Great website with virtual manipulatives to support concrete understandings of abstract concepts. Many extensions possible. Aligned to NCTM standards.

  5. With common core state standards being relatively new, aligned interactive activities aren’t that common yet. But this website has a few.

  6. Although there aren’t any resources tied to this video link. Dan Meyer shows how take traditional work and change it to make it more challenging, engaging and relevant to students. is his blog.
    His apple distinguished educator video.

  7. Help for student who have challenges with tradtional vertical multiplication. Welcome to lattice multiplication.

  8. Who says you should learn addition before subtraction and multiplication before division? Why not learn them concurrently as fact families. It’s how we learn word families. It allows kids to hook facts together. Triangle flashcards are ,better than traditional flash cards.

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