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The $8 Billion iPod: Rob Reid

“Some dispassionate, quantitative reasoning could really bring a great deal to the debate [on copyright law]” – Rob Reid

Thus begins humor author and Rhapsody founder’s TED talk on Copyright Math™, a fun talk shows how you can play with numbers, even in a context like the entertainment industry’s perspective on content theft.

Reid asks us to question the data and analysis from the entertainment industry with regard to digital content and licensing, by sharing some absurd numbers. For example, did you know that $150,000.00 is the value of damages per copyrighted song? Reid argues that an iPod Classic that holds 40,000 songs is the equivalent of $8 billion dollars of media.

For discussion with your child:
• Do you think that a full iPod is really worth $8 billion dollars? Why or why not?
• How much do you think the music on our iPod is worth? How do we figure it out?
• Did you notice the math mistake in this video?
• What should happen to people who illegally download music?

What other family conversations did this talk trigger? Let us know – we’d love to hear about them!

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