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Promoting a Growth Mindset Through Personalized Mindset Coaching

Motion Math’s company mission is to help children find delight in intellectual challenge. When children learn to love the experience of struggling through frustration and confusion, their lives abound with discovery.

Earlier this year, we created an experiment to explore two key questions related to this mission:
• Can we improve student’s relationship to challenge by explicitly rewarding effort in challenging game levels?
• Is it more effective to coach students about why it is important to challenge themselves, in addition to rewarding them?


Our investigation led to the creation of a new kind of personalization – personalized growth mindset coaching. This coaching is already helping students who play Motion Math’s games, but the potential impact is far greater.

Learn more here, in a white paper co-authored with our advisor, Stanford Professor and youcubed co-founder Jo Boaler.
Or, read the full experiment, with more about our results and our future vision for personalized coaching. We’re excited to hear what you think.


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