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Motion Math Zoooooooom!

We are excited to announce the release of our next game: Motion Math Zoom! Click here to experience an animal adventure through the world of numbers. Players use the most interactive number line ever made to experience numbers at different magnitudes (and place values) from dinosaurs in the thousands down to amoebas in the thousandths. Fun animal animations and sound effects help elementary school players master foundational concepts of decimals, negatives, and numbers in a number line. As with our last game, hints appear when you need them. And challenge comes in the form of The Needle, where levels are timed and advanced players need to be careful with fakeouts.

Thanks to all the kids and teachers that helped us design this game. During the development of the game, we visited a classroom a week to gather feedback from the experts: kids in elementary schools around the Bay Area. We appreciate the teachers and students at Meyerholtz, Prospect-Sierra, San Jose Discovery, Vallecito, Fammatre, John Muir, Westlake, Piedmont, and Dublin Elementary Schools. Find more specific thanks in the About screen of the app.

As always, we really appreciate your thoughtful reviews on the App Store and the comments, suggestions, and feedback you send to us. Any questions on the new game?

2 Responses to “Motion Math Zoooooooom!”

  1. These games are superb for young learners, especially when there’s a stable
    score tally. IS there anywhere a demo version online before going to the store?

  2. Thanks Erik! You can only play our games on mobile devices, but Motion Math Zoom is free to try ( Six levels are free to try and then you can in-app purchase to get all 24 levels.

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