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Introducing the Motion Math Educator!

Big news: we’ve just launched the Motion Math Educator, our classroom solution.

What is the Educator? First, it’s access to all our delightful iPad elementary games: Fractions, Zoom, Hungry Fish, Wings, Questimate, Match, and Pizza, plus two new games we’ll add this school year.

Second, the Educator is the answer to many questions we’ve heard from teachers: “Can I see how my students are doing in your games?” “How does mastery in your games connect to mastery of Common Core standards?” “Can I load in my student roster?”
Here’s a sample dashboard:
Motion Math dashboard for mail campaign v2


Last Level shows what’s happening right now in class so you can help students find the right level of challenge. The K-6 Common Core columns show our sense of student mastery based on game performance; clicking on a cell gives additional information. Our beta-test teachers have found this data quite useful for differentiating instruction and lesson planning. Here’s one teacher speaking about his experience using our games in class:

You can create a Educator account for your classroom, school, or district at three levels:
• Gold ($9/student/year) includes all games, rosters, and the progress dashboard.
• Silver ($6/student/year) includes all games plus rosters.
• Sampler (free) includes all levels of Hungry Fish for student iPads, plus all games on one iPad.

Sign up now. And please share your suggestions and questions so we can add more delightful learning (and useful data) to your classroom!

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