Hiring: Full stack engineer

How can we make sense of the learning that occurs when a student experiences a really good learning app? The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Noyce Foundation have just awarded Motion Math substantial grants to explore this critical question. We’re hiring a full stack engineer to lead the execution of the first system to correlate mobile gaming with verifiable learning outcomes. The platform will collate data from apps (including student info that must remain secure), perform continuous statistical analyses, and report results via web interface to teachers and developers.

Your role:

  • rapidly prototype potential solutions and proofs of concept
  • explore and evaluate third party partner technologies
  • refine a clean, modular, secure, test-driven, and scalable server and client-side solution
  • produce clear SDK documentation
  • refine the system based on teacher and developer feedback

The exact technologies we employ will be influenced by your expertise. Depending on your skills and interests, you may also help lead our outreach efforts to the community of mobile math developers, aiding integration of the platform into their apps.

Candidates will have:

  • Demonstrated ability to implement (web) server infrastructure and automated services and/or cloud computing platforms (using technologies like LAMP, Ruby on Rails, Hadoop, MongoDB, Server-Side Java, etc.)
  • Strong command of database technologies
  • Experience creating solutions involving user accounts and user security
  • Passion for improving the education of millions of students

Bonus Points for experience with:

  • Javascript, XHTML, CSS, JSON, AJAX, and/or charting technologies
  • Statistics, analytics, and/or data mining at scale
  • Leading developer communities or working with open-source projects
  • Educational data, working with teachers
  • Objective-C and mobile gaming technologies
  • Modern development techniques (TDD, Scrum, pair programming, performance testing and tuning, etc.)

More details:

You’ll be working full-time in our downtown San Francisco office, one block from Montgomery BART. Competitive pay, equity, health insurance, a professional development budget, and the opportunity of a lifetime. You’ll be collaborating primarily with our Head of Learning Analytics Coram Bryant (the Primary Investigator of this grant). Qualified candidates should send an intro email and resume to careers@motionmathgames.com.

Life at Motion Math:

We make delightful math games for the most challenging K-6 number sense concepts, downloaded 3 million times and counting. Each of our eight award-winning games has unique game mechanics and has presented exciting engineering and design challenges. Each reflects our mission: help kids find delight in intellectual challenge. We get to analyze and improve our products in frequent user-tests around the Bay Area, and we’ve had some great experiences: cheers and applause when we walk into classrooms, and even signing autographs for our kid fans. Family, friends, and colleagues are proud of what we do; they support us because of our mission. Come join us, and enjoy the satisfaction that comes with bringing delightful learning to children around the world.