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Our mission: to help children find delight in intellectual challenge.
The most profound concept a child should understand is that learning comes from overcoming challenges. When children learn to love the experience of struggling through frustration and confusion, their lives abound with discovery.

Stanford Professor Carol Dweck calls this the growth mindset and she’s demonstrated how empowering it is for learners. Sadly, many children hold a contradictory fixed mindset – believing that if fractions, for example, are really hard to understand, then their brain is just not made out to learn fractions.

Here at Motion Math, we create awesomely fun, rigorously educational learning games so that children, regardless of their previous success in school or socioeconomic background, find delight in understanding difficult concepts. Learners playing our first game suite, centered on number sense, will master place value, mental arithmetic, multiplication, fractions, the number line, and estimation. But mostly, we hope they will learn to love challenge.

Playing Motion Math