A dialogue between mobile games and learning

How can we make sense of the learning that occurs when a student experiences a really good learning app?

We’re very excited to announce today that the Noyce Foundation and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have awarded grants to Motion Math to explore this critical question. We’ll be creating an efficacy platform that connects student experiences with mobile math apps (including our suite of games) to meaningful learning indicators, particularly Common Core assessments. Our aim is to benefit the entire mobile learning space, helping teachers make app selections that meet the needs of their particular students and learning contexts, and helping mobile developers rapidly improve their products. Huge thank you to the the Noyce Foundation and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for giving us this opportunity.

If you’re a talented back-end developer/platform evangelist, or know a good candidate, please check out our job description. We need an amazing teammate for this ambitious project.

If you’re a teacher looking to better understand the use of mobile apps in your classroom, we’d love to have you in our pilot. Email us at info@motionmathgames.com.

And, if you’re a developer of mobile math apps, howdy! Want to better understand exactly how students learn from your app and get rich feedback on how to improve your app’s learning value? Join our pilot. Email info@motionmathgames.com for more information.